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Quick Print Overview of Print Ads, Printed Collateral, and Logos

Grazon Print Ad

Grazon Four Guys and a Steer ad

This ad started out as a testimonial ad which was to be either four separate ads or one big ad featuring these fine Texas gentlemen.
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Mussings From The Midriff at Midlife

Book Cover for Terry Mahoney's "Musings From The Midriff At Midlife"

An attention getting book cover for a tongue-in-cheek look at midlife.
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Caterpillar brochure

Caterpillar Mobil Power Brouchure

When Catepillar wanted to promote world wide power generation via their portable engine/ generator combinations I was tapped to create this brochure.
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Wisconsin Conservatory of Music logo

Wisconsin Conservatory of Music 100th Anniversary

When the Wisconsin Conservatory of Music decided to celebrate their 100th anniversary I was hired to design a mark to celebrate that event.
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